A cross-generational and cross-cultural dialog

A Cross Generational Cross Cultural PANEL

Fumio Nanjo, Daniil Frants

Talk show #1

Date: 29 November, 2014, 11:00~12:30

Participants: Fumio Nanjo, Daniil Frants

Address: Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View, Sky Terrace 2

Language used: English


To attend to the event, please pre-register from the below link:


*Note: You will not be allowed to enter the event without a ticket to the exhibition (cost: 1500 yen). Please make sure to purchase the ticket in prior to your visit to the talk show.


*Note: There will be no additional cost (on top of the ticket to the exhibition, explained above) for this talk show.

A cross-generational and cross-cultural dialog

It is our pleasure to present Mr. Fumio Nanjo, Director of Mori Art Museum who is considered as a leader of Japanese art world, and Daniil Frants, genius young programmer who has been active through countries such as the U.S., Russia and Germany. Through the very special encounter of the two from quite different age groups, backgrounds and environments where they grew up, we are wondering “In what color will the ‘arts’ shine?“

It will be no doubt a great occasion to witness the exciting art critiques beyond the generations and cultures.

Fumio Nanjo

Born in 1949 in Tokyo, is the Director of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Nanjo received his Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Aesthetics from Keio University. Nanjo served as the Museum’s first Deputy Director from 2002 until 2006 before taking the current position in November 2006. Prior to that he organized numerous exhibittions as an officer of the Japan Foundation (1978—1986) among many other art institutes and organizations. His main achievements include: commissioner of the Japan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (1997); commissioner of the Taipei Biennale (1998); jury member of the Turner Prize at the Tate Gallery, London (1998); artistic co-director of the Yokohama Triennale (2001); artistic director of the Singapore Biennale (2006 and 2008).

He also teaches a course at Keio University in Tokyo.

His recent publications include: Shissou-suru Asia — Gendai Bijutsu no Ima o Miru (Asia that Sprints — Contemporary Art Now) (Bijutsu Nenkan-sha, 2010) and Art o Ikiru (To Live in Art) (Kadokawa Shoten, 2012).

Daniil Frants / CYLAND — Developer of “Patterns of the Mind”

Teen wonder at the age of 16, Daniil Frants has lead technology workshops before he was 10. The youngest intern at MIT media lab, Frants has organized and led educational workshops for children to explore robotics and programming at institutions such as: The Computerspeile Museum in Berlin, The Hermitage Museum, Russia and Kyoseinosato Museum, Fukuoka, Japan.

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