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CYBERFEST Performances


  • Ken Butler is an artist, musician known for his experimental musical instruments. His Hybrid musical instruments and artworks explore the interaction and transformation of common and uncommon objects, altered images, sounds and silence.
    The idea of bricolage, essentially using whatever is “at hand”, is at the center of his art, encompassing a wide range of practice that combines live music, instrument design, performance art, theater, sculpture, installation, photography, film/video, graphic design, drawing, and collage. He is internationally recognized as an innovator of experimental musical instruments created from diverse materials including tools, sports equipment, and household objects. He has exhibited and performed extensively in galleries, clubs, museums, festivals, and theatres throughout the USA, Canada, South America, Japan and Europe including The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Lincoln Center and The Metropolitan Museum among other important venues across the globe.

    Ken Butler

    Ken Butler's special performance will be at The WYE (Berlin, Skalitzer Str. 86)

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  • Kurvenschreiber is a synth trio and occasionally a quartet. Sound concept can be described in disyllabic German title — something, or someone that draws a curve.
    Sound waves generation from such curves happens in real time, when electrons beat in analog circuits. This process needs to be recorded on the tape, and its magnetic properties are not just a fashion tribute, but a necessity for those, interested in a delicate processes, natural frequencies and their resonances.

  • Yoshio Machida (ASCAP) is a sound & visual artist, Steel Pan player. Born in Japan in 1967. He studied minimal art, music, film extensively under Kuniharu Akiyama, Yoshiaki Touno, Sakumi Hagiwara, Kishio Suga at Tama art university in Tokyo.
    So far Machida has played for art events / music festivals like ISEA2004, Sonar-Tokyo, Europhonics Jazz Festival, Maerz Musik Festival, etc... He has been introduced in a book «Haunted Weather» by David Toop and also in a compilation album «Japanese Avant Garde» (Sub Rosa, 2002) with Yoshihide Otomo, Sachiko M, Merzbow, Aki Onda, Haco, Toshimaru Nakamura, Merzbow, Yoshihiro Hanno, etc. In 2005, «Afterimage» (from CD: Hypernatural #2, Softl Music) had been used as a soundtrack for French TV spot «Visual». In 2009, Machida directed sound design and composed soundtracks for Van Cleef & Arpels exhibition in Tokyo.

    Yoshio Machada

  • Ame Zek is an electronic musician, sound artist, and composer based in Berlin, whose music is constructed from modulation chains to create a platform for building evolving sound structures. “I developed a composing strategy through my learning process of making music,” he explains. Ame Zek has accomplished this by using different modes of modulation in a specified order, defined at it’s basic most character by the use of his own particular techniques. The result is an evolution of sound structures through modulation, where ever-changing patterns shift in time with common dependencies and autonomous movement. This intricate structure is it’s own character, it is what becomes his music. Ceaselessly focused on the intricacies of oscillating sound, Ame Zek employs an active combination of senses in touch, sight, and listening. Modularities and transformations have become what he describes as his “daily musical and spiritual experience.” Over many years, it is this particular act of creation which holds the greatest interest to Ame Zek. From many instruments at his disposal in 2005, Ame Zek has since narrowed his focus. The Elektron Machine Drum and Clavia Nord Modular Synthesizer have become the two dedicated instruments comprising his orchestra. Aesthetics found within the music and sound of Ame Zek are a direct result of researching the creative possibilities and sonic frontiers of his chosen instruments.
    Today, the work of Ame Zek has reached greater sophistication through his use of complex MIDI devices and techniques. In turn, his compositions evolve organically for the listener. All hardware and techniques combined, Ame Zek has found himself standing before the ultimate music system for performance, composition, and research.

    This performance is curated by Nick Meehan from FEED, a public archive for sound art and new media culture in Berlin.

  • Yair Elazar Glotman is a Berlin based musician and artist creating experimental electroacoustic composition, sound installations and sound sculptures.His work has been played within the KlangZeitOrt Institute for New Music Berlin, at the next_generation 4.0 festival for electroacoustic music in ZKM (Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe) and at the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin. He has performed live in various sound venues in Berlin, including KW Institute for Contemporary Art, LEAP Gallery, NK and FEED Soundspace. Glotman works as sound designer and composer for film, dance and video art. Under the moniker KETEV, Glotman is working on his new project, exploring the gap between sound art and contemporary music.

    This performance is curated by Nick Meehan from FEED, a public archive for sound art and new media culture in Berlin.

  • ::vtol:: is a project of a Moscow media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms – Dmitry Morozov. Starting in mid 00s, Dmitry actively began using DIY and circuit-bent instruments for his own music projects, as well as making instruments for other musicians and media artists at the same time. He is the first serial music and video synthesizer producer in all of post-soviet territories, after the collapse of USSR.
    Besides making music and instruments, Dmitry creates audiovisual art-installations and advocates circuit bending and DIY electronic in Russia by means of lectures and workshops. As artist and musician he has participated in many art festivals and gigs in Russia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Serbia, Slovenia, China, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania and Israel.


Performances on November 15 will be held
at PLATOON Kunsthalle (Berlin, Schönhauser Allee 9)

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PLATOON Kunsthalle in Berlin is a modular architecture structure consisting of 34 standard freight containers. This 4500 m2 industrial area hosts cultural movements and community events as well as PLATOON FACTORY and PLATOON ARTIST LAB. With spaces in Berlin and Seoul, PLATOON's global network includes more than 6000 artists, creatives and thinkers that support each other. PLATOON's cultural development experience serves as a consultancy for energizing sustainable relationships between brands and creative subcultures.

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