Educational Program 2013

CYBERFEST 2013 Educational Program

  • The Art Meets Tech (AMT) series gathers Art & Tech leaders in Berlin for informal sit downs to get better acquainted. This is a unique, invite-only event for innovative movers and shakers as they continue to emerge on the global scene. To break divisions between those reimagining the Art and Tech industries in Berlin, short 10 minute discussions will take place between established New Media artists and Tech industry insiders working with similar technologies followed by food, drinks and the informal conversation among Art & Tech industry peers that has made AMT so popular.
    Panelists: Julian Adenauer (Artist, Founder of Retune), Ryan Wolfe (Artist), Ken Butler (Sound Artist), Disney Nasa Borg (Artist), Marina Koldobskaya and Anna Frants (Founders of CYBERFEST and CYLAND MediaArtLab)
    Matthaus Krzykowski is Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of the Berlin-based app search company Xyo along with Zoe Adamovitz. He has a passion to help creative people, from software engineers to designers, succeed. He loves product management in early stage mobile and digital startups: from concept, execution to scaling the business. Born in Poland, Matthaus has previously worked as a music journalist and an arts salesman.
    Leah Stuhltrager is known for uniting Art and Technology as a gallerist, curator and project manager. She has worked on new media projects and public art projects at Lincoln Center, Coachella, E-Halle, Contemporary Istanbul, Circulo de Bellas Artes, The Oriental Pearl Tower, IMAL, Cà Foscari Zattere during the upcoming Venice Biennale as well as innovation exchange between Tokyo and Berlin. Stuhltrager now lives in Berlin, where she is CEO of The WYE.

  • 15 year old Daniil Frants has lead workshops on creative uses of Technology before he was a teenager. The youngest intern at MIT Media Lab, Daniil has organized and led groups of children to explore the basics of robots and programming at high profile institutions including The Hermitage Museum (Russia) and Kyoseinosato Museum (Japan) and Gogolfest (Ukraine).
    At the upcoming Berlin workshop, Leap Motion & 3D Printing, Daniil Frants will demonstrate how technolgy is making possible new realities and New Media art is progressing into innovative territories capabilities by modern mediums.
    The workshop will include demonstrations of how different technologies may interact with each other. Participants will have opportunity to get a broad overview and explore hands on LEAP Motion and Microsoft Kinect, 3D Printer, SONY HMZ-T2 Headset, Softkinetic DS325 along w/ imaging program Daniil designed at MIT, Nintendo Wii, Surround Sound.
    Participants will have time to experiment and play with those new technologies, and will be able to experience how you can, in virtual settings, control physics, and accomplish with a push of a button, something that would take immense resources and manpower in real life.
    This Workshop is for children age 9 -14 with prior basic computer knowledge. Participants need not bring anything with them. Materials and Equipment provided on site.

    Humanizing Robots workshop by Daniil Frants

  • In this workshop adults will recieve hands on experience translating raw data collected into physical forms with the technology team from CYLAND MediaArtLab. Participants will experiment how a basic weather sensor paired with Ardiuno board can receive data and convert it in dual output to create a musical composition.
    Conceptually, this technology is interesting to CYLAND as an artistic medium to explore the sociological convention of shared information in our world, made of billions of metaphorical microfiber strings, carrying a mammoth amount of data. Using various hardware and software allows the New Media team to create various artistic forms from algorithmic compositions of music to generative collage in and derived from live settings.
    Pavel Ivanov and Alexey Grachev are the authors of creative data processing installations “Weather Station No. 1” and “Aural Architecture” presented at World Event Young Artists in Nottingham, UK in September of 2012.

    From the presentation Data Visualization in Creative Coding Environments
    by Pavel Ivanov and Alexey Grachev

  • The parameters of how Art is seen, shared, discussed and archived have changed rapidly in the course of the last decade. In collaboration with Transmediale’s reSource network, a panel of Art critics and bloggers will explore the past, present and future of covering culture.
    As virtual audiences online swell to provide an unprecedented girth of eyes, brick/mortar spaces and print publications are being reconfigured to keep relevant in Contemporary Art. Coverage by veteran critics with sway culminated over long careers gaining strongholds in traditional sources under echelons of editors, advertisers and media moguls is now juxtaposed with the unbridled words and power of the internet to disseminate content. Means of archiving an artwork or exhibit for prosperity has expanded from circulations of traditional news coverage, photographs, slides to files, video and global viral mediums.
    Discourse about art has expended in form, function and voices. This panel will explore these realities and their implications. It will be followed by an open, earnest, face to face Q&A discussion between the critics, bloggers and the audience.

    The discussion is organized by re:Source/Transmediale, Sebastian Feller, Leah Stuhltrager.
    Moderator: Kate Martin, Curator and Arts Educator
    Panelists: Marco Mancuso, Founder of Digicult
    Tatiana Bazzichelli, Curator Transmediale
    Anna Frants, CoFounder CYLAND
    Chatzistefanou Panagiotis, Publisher and Writer
    Marc Poggia, Founder Sensanostra
    Vanina Saracino, Creative Supervisor, ikono

  • Moderator: D. Strauss, EXBERLINER
    Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music
    Nick Meehan, Curator @FEED
    Sergey Komarov, CYLAND
    Ken Butler, Sound Artist
    Taras Mashtalir, Sound Artist

Panel Discussions will be held at The WYE (Berlin, Skalitzer Str. 86)

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Workshops on November 16 will be held at Computerspiele Museum
(Berlin, Karl-Marx-Allee 93a)

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The Computerspielemuseum Berlin (Computer Games Museum Berlin) was founded in 1997. In 2011, it opened its permanent exhibition in Berlin 12,000 visitors its first month. The Computerspielemuseum opened the first permanent exhibition in the world for digital interactive entertainment culture and has organized 30 national and international exhibitions. The museum contains around 16,000 game titles, around 10,000 technical magazines, many historical home computers and console systems, which were sold in Europe, and an extensive amount of other documents, for example: videos, posters and handbooks. It contains one of the largest collections of entertainment software and hardware in Europe.

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