Interactive media-installations

Alexandra Dementieva and D.V.A.(DanceVideoAction), Mirror's memory

Alexandra Dementieva,Contact field

Peter Vogel, Rhythmic sounds

Jean Dubois, Chloe Lefebvre, By Mean Of Sigh

Where dogs run, precipitate

Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov, Birds

Pavel Ivanov, The fold

Blue Noses (Alexander Shaburov, Viacheslav Mizin and Ananta Acharii-dasa), New media-titles, video projection

Anastasia Maksimova, WHAT’S IN A NAME…

Denis Mikhailov, Lydia Vitkovskaya, PERSONAL TRANSFOCATOR


Maxim Ilyukhin, Group Art Business Consulting (ABC), MESSAGE BOARDS OF ABC GROUP

Michael J. Schumacher, FILTERS AND FILTERED, installation

Anton Chumak, Protozoa-3

Sergey Komarov, Title tag

Manya Alexeeva, media-installation

Boris Kazakov, ADAPTATION

Anastasia MaksimovaSinging Shamail

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