Internet Conference

Internet-conference “MediaLog”

(Media projects in the open space)

November, 28, 17.00-19.00 Moscow time

Online show:

The aim of the conference is connected with the importance of media art development today. The idea of the conference is to widen the festival with the interesting discussion. As all projects, going as a part of the festival, are demonstrated inside exhibition halls (museums and galleries), it is reasonable to discuss those projects, which are showing out of interiors. So, the theme of the video conference is connected with the media art in the open space.

Olga Shustrova, PhD, assistant professor of Information Systems in the Art and Humanitarians chair, Art faculty, Saint-Petersburg State University, is the curator of the conference.

Internet-conference unites several points, located in the bid distance from each other with the help of the special equipment:

  • Saint-Petersburg State University – the organizer of the conference. Art faculty, the chair of the Information Systems in the Art and Humanitarians (the head of the chair, Doctor of Physics-Mathematics Science, Nikolai Borisov) & chair of Design (head of the chair, PhD, Xenia Pozdnyakova), lecturers and students of the both chairs. The project for presentation: “The Century of St. Petersburg” – interactive multimedia project, author Olga Kunichenko, magister diploma, supervisor Tatyana Minayeva. Idea for discussion: The types of conservation of the historical building; experience of restoration and saving of the cultural heritage;
  • CYLAND MediaArtLab, Saint-Petersburg presents media project “We Are Here”, the special project of the 54th Venetian Biennale, 2011. Speakers: Marina Koldobskaya (director of the CYLAND media art lab), Anna Frants (director of St. Petersburg Arts Project Inc.). Ideas for discussion: the experience of audio systems installation in different spaces;
  • Jim Berggren, printmaker and media artist (Sweden, Göteborg-Mölndal). He is working with the program Modul 8 in the city space and for the theater performances. Also he uses laser rays for online drawing. He will present a project: “Budget Beamart”. This work with projections focus on finding economically reachable systems for artists with small possibilities to finance big expensive systems. It’s a way to find cheap ways, systems and equipment to perform projections;
  • Denmark. Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen works in various media such as drawing, classical oil painting, not least in the large site-specific work that revolves around space, technology and people. The starting point for the major work is a special topography. It may be at a coastline, a windmill at a stubble field in Jutland, or a building — a ghetto or a church. Common to all the great works is the use of new technology, which may be different kinds of light, video, or entirely new software developed specifically for the work.
  • USA, Chicago. Mat Rappaport, associate professor in Art college Chicago, works with the open space in the city landscape and in suburban surroundings.
  • Finland, Helsinki. Andy Best, Researcher, Media & Visual Artist. Media Lab, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Andy will discuss his own works and those of his students, concerning strategies for using media in the city space.

Topics for discussion will include:


  • Psycho-Geography of Urban Space;
  • Dialogical art context: urban space/city audiences; out-of-town surroundings/ingression of the art to the nature;
  • Transversal vectors of social creativity in contemporary media art;
  • New audio-visual and old technologies;
  • Ephemeral Media Public Art as anti monument, intervention and social activator.

Internet-conference will take place at St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Arts (6th line of Vasilievsky Ostrov, 15).

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