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For the 9th annual edition, CYBERFEST is excited to expand its programming to Latin America, London, and New York.  At Bogota's SOFA — Columbia’s most influential festival celebrating art, technology, and engineering — CYLAND Media Art Lab will present selections from The CYBERFEST Video Program, which will also travel to The Hermitage Museum (St Petersburg, Russia) and the Made In New York Media Center (Brooklyn, New York) as part of the 9th Annual CYBERFEST.


St. Petersburg Russia will host CYBERFEST's beloved annual exhibition and Berlin, London, and New York will innaugurate CYBERFEST's pioneering public art programming featuring one Russian artist and one local artist in conversation at three carefully curated venues throughout each of the selected cities. For 2-4 weeks in Berlin, London and New York, CYBERFEST's first public art program will be presented free of charge at specially-selected venues to offer the public engaging and ongoing access to the very best in New Media.


New York City will also host an expanded program featuring special exhibitions and events. Details coming soon.


We congratulate the artists whose works have been selected to  participate in the video art program for the upcoming annual CYBERFEST. Selections for  the 9th CYBERFEST Video Program will travel to SOFA (Bogota), The Hermitage  Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the Made In New York Media Center (Brooklyn,  New York) as part of the festival.







CYBERFEST is proud to present three seminal public installations at select venues throughout Berlin, London, and New York. Each installation will pair pioneering artwork produced by a Russian artists or collective in conversation with the work of a local artist. Details on local artists will be released in the coming months.


Russian artists participating in the 9th ANNUAL CYBERFEST include:


Live cam Renaissance, 2015

Video Installation

Dimensions Variable



Anna Frants' «Live cam Renaissance» incorporates а footage in real time and constructed soundscapes to explore the idea of live video streams as a building material for creative construction in the digital age.


in collaboration with



Alexandra Dementieva

Mirror's Memory

2003, interactive video installation.

2 x 3 m. retro projection screen, camera DV or mini DV, Mac Intel double-core computer, video projector, two speakers

In Mirror's Memory, the reflection of a person who took stand in front of the thick screen is surrounded by people who are sometimes are total strangers to him. People step out of the darkness of the screen, which pretends to be a mirror, who had taken stand in front of it before. A stranger emerges and joins the lonely spectator who looks around nervously. Realizing in his mind that no ghosts appear near him, even a mentally healthy spectator experiences a superstitious horror – mirrors enjoy a dubious reputation as it is, and here we have figures that come into view from god knows where. Alexandra Dementieva does not try to program actions of the public, she respects freedom of other people, and she is unable to predict the consequences of her own experiments. The artist only provokes the viewer who decides for himself whether or not to get involved into the process and whether or not to accept the proffered circumstances.

Alexandra Dementieva’s work explores the link between representation and memory as mediated by new technology. Dementieva’s Mirror’s Memory invites the viewer to stand in front of a blank screen in a darkened room onto which an image of the viewer is projected. As a visual representation of the self, the screen presents itself to the viewer as a mirror of sorts, yet the relationship between the viewer and the mirror self is forever mediated by the computer that stands between the individual and her image. As the viewer steps toward the screen, her own image may be replaced a residual recording of a past viewer or viewers, as the computer randomly projects mirror selves on the wall. As the projected image disappears and reappears at the will of the machine, the distance between the self and the image is reinforced and reexamined through the power of the gaze.




Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov, Aleksey Grachev & Viktor Ryukhin

Eclipse, 2014

Multimedia Installation

Dimensions Variable



«…All men, lions, eagles, and quails, horned stags, geese, spiders, silent fish that inhabit the waves, starfish from the sea, and creatures invisible to the eye—in one word, all the lives, all the lives, all the lives, completing the dreary round imposed upon them, have died out at last.

Thousands of centuries have passed since the earth last bore a living creature on her breast, and the unhappy moon now lights her lamp in vain. No longer are the cries of storks heard in the meadows, or the drone of beetles in the groves of limes. All is cold, cold, cold.

All is void, void, void…»

— A.P. Chekov.  «Seagull».



Hermitage Exhibit Participants, November 25 – December 2, 2015

Berlin Exhibit Participants, October 16 — November 6, 2015

CYFEST NYC Participants, February 2016


CYBERFEST is a Production of CYLAND Media Art Lab:

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