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NOVEMBER 18-23, 2011

St. Petersburg hosted 5th International Festival of Cybernetic Art



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St. Petersburg Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art

St. Petersburg Arts Project, New York

CYLAND MediaArtLab


Curators: Anna Frants, Marina Koldobskaya, Sofia Kudryavtseva, Viktoria Ilyushkina. Curators of Video Programs: Boshko Boskovic, Natalia Prikhodko and Yulia Garbuzova


Board: Dmitry Ozerkov (The State Hermitage), Anna Yermolayeva (ZKM), Fred Forest, Olesya Turkina (State Russian Museum)


Support: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation,Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg

Participants of КИБЕРФЕСТ/CYBERFEST 2011

Alban Muja, Alexander Dolgin, Alexandra Dementieva, Alienor Dauchez, Anastasia Maksimova, Andrea Acosta, Anna Frants, Anton Chumak, Artem Ignatiev, Boris Glamocanin, Boris Kazakov, Borjana Mrdja, Boshko Boskovic, Vladimir Kitlyar, Video Duo Leban-Kelindienst, Blue Noses group (Alexander Shaburov, Vyachslav Mizin), Toys Market group, АВС (Art Business Consulting) group, Daniil Frants, Danilo Prnjat, Dasha Khlapova, Denis Mikhailov, Dmitry Bulatov, Dmitry Shubin, Dorit Chrysler, David St-Onge, Elena Gubanova, Fred Forest, Jean Dubois & Chloe Lefebvre, Jerome Gras, Zoran Poposki, Ivan Argote, Iraida Yusupova, Katherine Liberovsky, “Where Dogs Run” group, Kamennoe More Band, Konstantin Matulevsky, Lydia Vitkovskaya, Maxim Ilyukhin, Maxim Svishchev, Manya Alekseyeva, Marija Djorjevic, Masha Sha, Michel De Broin, Michael J. Schumacher, Mladen Miljanovic, Natalia Prikhodko, Pavel Snov, Peter Vogel, Renata Poljak, Sandra Dukic, Sergey Komarov, Sophie Lavaud, Tieri Riviere, Phill Niblock, Floran Matei, Francis Alÿs, Villy Melnikov, Yulia Garbuzova.




The curators pose the principal question before the artists:

“Are the new technologies capable of creating a new tongue of art – or will the art remain an eternal parodist-mocker?”  Marina Koldobskaya


Over 80 artists from 12 countries – including USA, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and countries of the former Yugoslavia – will participate in Cyberfest 2011.

Among St. Petersburg Artists, there are Marina Alekseyeva and Boris Kazakov (winners of the Kuryokhin Prize 2010), Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova, Masha Sha, Anton Chumak et al.  This year, the festival’s participants will include Moscow artists Iraida Yusupova and Alexander Dolgin, Group “Blue Noses” and “Art Business Consulting”, Kazan artists for the legendary center “Prometheus” and the Yekaterinburg group “Where Dogs Run”.

Among stars of the festival are Theremin Queen Dorit Chrysler (Austria-USA), the patriarch of conceptual music Philipp Niblock (USA) and the creator of famous “musical sculptures” Peter Vogel (Germany).

In the Program:

Exhibition of interactive installations and objects, musical and media performances, films and mediaopera, video programs, lectures and master classes.


* The exhibition of interactive media installations and objects will be held in spaces of the Youth Education Center of the State Hermitage, open to public for the first time after capital repairs.

This place will showcase musical sculpture of the classic of European media art Peter Vogel, the installation with interactive kisses of the Canadians Jean Dubois and Chloe Lefebvre, the installation “Field of Contact” of the Belgian artist Alexandra Dementieva, which was already shown this year in Venice, the work “New Media Subtitles” of the group “Blue Noses”, which was made expressly for Cyberfest, and much more.

* At the Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, “Long Night of Media Art” will take place on Saturday, November 19.

On a large stage, viewers will see the musical program, media performances, films and works of video art.  The world star of electronic music Dorit Chrysler will perform for the first time in the motherland of Theremin her premiere of audio-visual concert “Dorit Chrysler and Theremin”.

Philipp Niblock, one of the founders and pillars of conceptual music since 1970s, together with Katherine Liberovsky, will present some of his most famous media performances.

The renowned Moscow mysteriographs Iraida Yusupova and Alexander Dolgin will present the first showing of their film “Birds”.

The rising star of St. Petersburg video art Maxim Svishchev will show his new large-scale work “Don Quixote”.

In the smaller rooms, there will be a showing of video-art works from countries of the former Yugoslavia “Not So Distant Memory, put together by one of the most famous international curators of video art Boshko Boskovic.

The young curators Yulia Garbuzova and Natalia Prikhodko in cooperation with Viktoria Ilyushkina will present the video program “Action Planning:  Reaction”.

* A cycle of films, lectures and performances will take place at the Gallery of Experimental Sound on 10, Pushkinskaya.

Viewers will see the film of Iraida Yusupova and Alexander Dolgin “Ambient” and their mediaopera “Ways & Spaces”.  The artist, theoretician of art and curator Dmitry Bulatov will show and comment on a selection of videos under the general title “Evolution of Haute Couture:  Art and Science in Postbiological Age”.

* This year, St. Petersburg galleries from the Association of Galleries of Actual Art got involved in the festival.


Gallery Art Reflex will house Cyberfest’s special project: Philipp Niblock and Katherine Liberovsky’s collection of sound artGallery of Dmitry Semenov will hold the exhibition of Moscow media artists Lydia Vitkovskaya and Denis Mikhailov.

Education Program:

Within the education program, viewers will be able to attend lectures given by Dorit Chrysler, Philipp Niblock, and the Canadian “art engineer” David St-Onge.

Dmitry Bulatov, the only bio-art specialist in Russia, will give a lecture on science, art и technological unconscious. Traditionally, within the festival, there will be the children master class conducted by Daniil Frants.


General Sponsors: OneMarketData, New York.

Main events of Cyberfest will be directly transmitted to the site

For the program clarifications and additional festival sites go to the site, as well as to fb CYBERFEST



18.11.2011  Friday

16.00 Press conference (The State Hermitage museum)

17.00 Opening (The State Hermitage museum)

Alexandra Dementieva Mirror's memory, Peter Vogel Rhythmic sounds, Jean Dubois, Chloe Lefebvre By Mean Of Sigh, Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov Birds, Blue Noses (Alexander Shaburov, Viacheslav Mizin and Ananta Acharii-dasa) New media-titles, video projection, Anna Frants CARDBOARD DRIPPINGS, Manya Alexeeva In conclusion, Maks Ilyhin and ABC group MESSAGE BOARDS OF ABC GROUP, Lydia Vitkovskaya and Denis Mikhailov Personal zoom lens, Dorit Chrysler Theremin, concert.

19.00 (Art Reflex Gallery)


Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya, Sound compilation From Voice To Noise


Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya, Video-Audio Voyage

20.00 (Dmitriy Semenov Gallery)

Lydia Vitkovskaya and Denis Mikhailov, HOPSCOTCH, exhibition



19.11  Saturday

13.00 (The State Hermitage museum)

Michael J. Schumacher, Phill Niblock, APPROACHES TO MULTI-CHANNEL SOUND

16.00 (Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center)

media installations

Boris Kazakov ADAPTATION, Alexandra Dementieva Contact field, Where dogs run, precipitate, Pavel Ivanov, THE FOLD, Anastasia Maksimova What's in my name for you…, Anton Chumak, Protozoa-3

video installations

Masha Sha ABCD, Anna Jermolaeva Single-Party

Video program

Not So Distant Memory (Curator Boshko Boskovic)

Video program

Action Planning: Reaction.(Curators Julia Garbuzova Natalia Prikhodko)

17.00 (Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center, big stage)

Iraida Yusupova, Alexander Dolgin Birds (60 min), Maxim Svishёv Don Quixote (15 min), Manya Alekseeva Mozart and Salieri (10 min)

Dorit Chrysler, THEREMIN, lecture, workshop

19.00 (Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center)

Dorit Chrysler Theremin, concert

20.00 (Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center)

Vladimir Kitlyar (Theremin), Kamennoe More Band, Dmitry Shubin (videoart), «CYBERETHNIC» media performance



20.11 Sunday

12.00 (The State Hermitage museum)

Fred Forest THE TRADERS BALL, Presentation

14.00 (The State Hermitage museum)

Sophie Lavaud, ACTIVE MATRIX, Master Class

16.00 (Art Reflex Gallery)

Michael J. Schumacher  FILTERS AND FILTERED, Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya, LANGUAGES OF WORDS AND GESTURES, a two-part audio-video concert



21.11 Monday

16.00 (The State Hermitage museum)

Dorit Chrysler, THEREMIN, Lecture.

19.00 (Experimental Sound gallery  (GES))




22.11 Tuesday

16.00 (The State Hermitage museum)


19.00 (Experimental Sound gallery  (GES))

Iraida Yusupova, Alexander Dolgin, Villy Melnikov, media opera"Ways&Spaces", Iraida Yusupova, Alexander Dolgin, Ambient, film



23.11 Wednesday

16.00 (The State Hermitage museum)

Danila Frants, MINECRAFT: CREEPER GO BOOM!, Workshop for Children




For the matters of collaboration, please contact:

Daria Schastlivtseva

PR Director of the Festival

(812) 275-4771


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