1. Interactive performance «Danish for 42»

  2. The performance was created as a part of the annual Moscow Lexus Hybrid Art festival and was first shown at the exhibition opening, which focus was on the idea of synergy. Synergy (whole, transcending the sum of its parts) in the arts is formed by the collision of artistic discourse with the latest technological tools. Hybrid Performance is the result of such merge. Festival's curator Katya Bochavar invited Roman Ermakov and Ivan Onoprienko to create an original work of art with optical illusions in the form of musical performance. Combining the works of contemporary and classical chamber music, Dmitry Vlasic created a unique sound compilation with the exhibition manifest narrated by Lilia Gysina. Young circus artists also take part in this performance, filling the optical space with gymnastic sketches.

    Hybrid Performance, photography by Maria Yastrebova

  3. Pink Twins is a creative duo of visual artists and electronic musicians, brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen based in Finland. Their audiovisual performances are held at the intersection of visual arts and electronic music, where fragments of images, sounds and sensations from our everyday life become a complex improvised collage, allowing viewers to take a new approach at their own time-space experience.

    Photos by Stanislav Dyakonov

  4. Accident is an audiovisual performance in seven movements. The project is the result of artist's survey on the cultural relations between Brazil and Uruguay. Tuned into the idea that culture and 'imaginarium' do not respect the borders of the physical territory, the piece explores nearness and contrast among both local cultures through the fusion of rhythms and images.

    Accident by Fernado Velazquez

  5. Alex Pleninger (Russia) Lux Oculi

  6. Kurvenschreiber is a synth trio and occasionally a quartet. Sound concept can be described in disyllabic German title — something, that draws a curve. Sound waves generation from such curves happens, when electrons beat in analog circuits. This process needs to be recorded on the film, and its magnetic properties are not just a fashion tribute, but a necessity for those, interested in a delicate processes, natural frequencies and their resonances.
    «Kurventronika» is always a group improvisation, eliminating repetition. «32» is the ASCII-code for the space key. Finding inspiration in the aesthetics of early computing and cyberpunk, Kurvenschreiber fixate their research in musical matters.

    Live improvisation recording by Kurvenschreiber

  7. ::vtol:: is a project of an artist, musician and the strange-sounding machines creator Moscow based Dmitry Morozov. Circuit bending has become his main engineering and creative approach to composition — the creative customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children's toys and small digital synthesizers to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators.

    Audiovisual performance by ::vtol::

  8. Electroacoustic Sessions is a program concert perfromed by Dmitry Shubin (electronics) with Nikolay Maevsky (flute) and Konstantin Gubenko (percussion)

    Electroacoustic Sessions by Dmitry Shubin with Nikolay Maevsky and Konstantin Gubenko

Performances will take place at Creative space TKACHI (Obvodny Canal, 60).

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