Workshop and concert at the TAIGA Space


Alexey Grachev and Sergey Komarov

at the Taiga Space (St. Petersburg)
191186, St.Petersburg, Dvortsovaya nab., 20


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Photos by Yuri Goryanoy


There are two technologies of sound synthesis: digital and analog. If we are to forego serial solutions for any given synthesizer, we can find an infinite number of options for creation of sound forms, from simple oscillators to complex generative algorithms. The path of the authors is the ambition to achieve a sound minimalism and a continuity of creative process during the creation of musical compositions and forms where the choice comes down to the subjective tendency of each one to a certain sounding. During the master class, two platforms for creation of sound compositions will be discussed:


1 — Digital. Using the example of the 2008 patch composed in the environment of MAX\msp (authors: S. Komarov and A. Grachev).

2 — Analog. By means of the Buchla modular synthesizer.

Participants will be told about the possible criteria of choice for two dissimilar approaches and cardinally different implementations.


Alexei Grachev


Sergey Komarov


Duration: 1 hour + 30-minute concert with visualization.

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