Program: video art

Video program of CYBERFEST

Program: Open Source. Curator: Viktoria Ilyushkina

Program explores transformation of human thinking in relation to interactions with various
gadgets and know-hows. Penetration of technology into men's mentality, and its adaptation of the
ways, technology works. Changes in perception of the world and looking at it through the new

Program explores transformation of human thinking in relation to interactions with variousgadgets and know-hows. Penetration of technology into men's mentality, and its adaptation of theways, technology works. Changes in perception of the world and looking at it through the newtechnologies.

Andrew Demirjian — Residence/2 min 8 sec, 2010

Residence is a silent experimental video that uses a quad-screen surveillance monitor motif to pry into the psychological and physical space of the subject. The film as a whole looks at the relationships between interior and exterior worlds that create strange interactions between our behaviors and desires.

Reynold Reynolds — Secret Machine/14 min, 2009

In Secret Machine the woman is subjected to Muybridge’s motion studies. Time is about movement and change, like our experience of reality. Without change life does not exist. Photography does not capture this experience. In Secret Machine I compare different filming techniques to the motion of the body. The film camera becomes another measurement tool in a way a video camera cannot. My intention was to make an art piece from the point of view of a machine, specifically a camera.

Andrew Ustinov — The Mobile Seances In Lion And Moscow/11min 3 sec/ 5 min 57 sec, 2008

The Medium is riding a modified wheelchair offering a three minutes “mobile seance” for 1 euro. A slim mobile TV screen is fixed on his chest and coin chute between his legs. As far as 1 euro is being put into the coin chute the introduction instruction manual appears on the screen, offering people to use a TV remote control for choosing any TV channel. Medium is transmitting sounds to the audience he is receiving from TV set into his headphones. As far as three minutes are over the machine is asking to put another coin. Medium is having his round–the–world trip, repeating the same performance in different cities on his way.

Ludmila Belova — House/5 min 28 sec, 2007

Video Inspired by the stories and diaries of astronauts, who were long on space stations and space walks.

Boris Kazakov — Fish/5 min, 2009

Soundtrack Jora Baranov — «musique concrete» — performed by birds, insects, atmospheric phenomena, museum exhibits, migrant workers;

drawn animation. Laurelled ichthyologist creates in his lab miraculous “fish-fly”. Once he became famous at the network of mass media, he takes everything from life. Policemen doesn't like that, so they went in pursuit. The denouement is not far away!


Program: A Short Term Effect.
Video works by selected artists from the UK

Curator: Olga  Jürgenson

Nicola Naismith — No network/2 min 46 sec, 2008
Integrating almost obsolete equipment with recent technologies No network explores the tensions between still and moving image. Location and posture are documented in a specific geographical context relating to the artists own first experiences of mobile technologies whist living in rural Scotland in the 1990’s.

M4SK 22 (Simon Woolham and David Moss) — Social Eyes/4 min 22 sec, 2010
3rd of a trilogy of songs and videos jamming on the theme of virtual worlds. Internet explosion is successful because of active communities, and the ability to create an avatar, or mask, within the communal setting is an urgent factor. We are your Automatic Lovers. How real are relationships in the social media era, what is reality anyway?

Laure Prouvost — It, heat, hit/ 6 min, 2010
Drums and Sound Design: Panos Ghikas / Additional drums: Saulyus Chyamolonskas
Commissioned for Tate Britain’s Art Now Lightbox this new work constructs and propels an inferred story through a fast-moving sequence of written commentary and excerpts of everyday incidents and pictures that have been filmed by the artist. As with Prouvost's other films, the pace tests the limits of perception and makes it hard to take in every image and comment.

Cinzia Cremona — Are You Talking to Me?/ 5 min, 2010
skype videoperformance  Sound: Cinzia Cremona
A short-circuited skype conversation between two laptops on the same desk traps the caller between two screens. She refuses to show herself and she is unable to talk to you, busy as she is trying to unravel the knot of this looped dialogue.

Olga  Jürgenson — Winter Bugs/1 min, 2008
This video film is a combination of two completely different winter experiences. One is represented by the footage of falling snow shot from the window of the flat Olga Jürgenson grew up in Northern Europe and another — by the sound of singing cicadas, recorded in the middle of winter in Mauritius/ Indian Ocean.

Tessa Garland — Zombie/ 3 min 10 sec, 2006
Sound: George A Romero
This supermarket horror film is based on George A Romero’s 1960’s cult film ‘Night of the Living Dead’. In ‘Zombie’, an ordinary supermarket becomes a film set, where the shoppers become unsuspecting actors in a short but climatic horror sequence. ‘Zombie’ was shot on a mobile phone camera, which gives the film its style of part surveillance, part disposable and throw away.

Simon Woolham — A Short Term Effect 0 min 14 sec
A digitally manipulated image of a bird on a telephone wire from outside the artist’s studio window mixed with the sound of his mobile. The film suggests that the phone call is affecting the movement of the bird. This could be seen as a humorous take on a series environmental and social impact.

Dominique Rey — Rich Flames & Hired Tears/1 min, 2009
The title of the work is taken from Sir Thomas Browne's (1605—1682) 'Urne Burial', in which Browne describes historic cremation and burial traditions. In many of these rituals candles or lamp-light was used to represent life. This work presents a configuration of an age-old, at times fatal, love affair with a flame.

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