Extended Program

CYBERFEST 2013 extended program will take place at The Youth Educational Center of The State Hermitage from November 26 to December 1. SCHIZOPHRENIA TAIWAN 2.0 is created by an international group of curators: I-Wei Li, Pierre Bongiovanni, Ching-Wen Chang, Chien-Hung Huang, Sophia Kudriavceva, Artemy Baranov.
Intersecting with CYBERFEST keynote SCHIZOPHRENIA TAIWAN 2.0 focuses on the digital revolution in the work of young Taiwanese new media artists, born between the eras of color television and smart phones in a country that manufactures 80% of the world’s electronic goods. These artists are fully aware of the risks and of the potential of globalization and cybernetics and their works reflect the challenges facing Taiwan and the world as a whole.


  • Advised by Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (TAIWAN)
  • Organized by The Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT), SidebySide Studio e.V, La Maison Laurentine
  • Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (TAIWAN), Project Fulfill Art Space, Garden City Publication, Ars Electronica, Tabakfabrik, Cyland MediaArtLab, The State Hermitage Museum, International Youth Education Center, Transmediale, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin | CHB, Instants Video

Tuesday, November 26

Wednesday, November 27

Friday, November 29

Saturday, November 30

Sunday, December 1

CYBERFEST 2013 Extended Program will take place at The Youth Educational Center of The State Hermitage (Palace Square, 6-8)

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