10,000 people attended CYBERFEST's first international leap last year. CYLAND now marks its 8th year of iconic new media activities by going global...


CYLAND presents


November 2014 — January 2015

St Petersburg, Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, New York City


CYBERFEST is the original, biggest festival for tech based art in Russia. Founded in 2007, CYBERFEST expanded to Germany in 2013. In 2014, CYBERFEST reaches international levels by branching to 5 innovative cities on the Art & Tech frontier, strengthening cultural exchange among innovators.


In 2014, CYBERFEST «The Other Home (s)» explores the commonalities and differentiations among physical, emotional and cultural manifestations attached to the concept of «home».


CURATORS 2014: Anna Frants, Marina Koldobskaya, Leah Stuhltrager, Katya Bochavar, Sophia Kudriavceva, Victoria Ilyushkina, Sergey Komarov.


THE BOARD OF THE FESTIVAL 2014: Irina Karasik, Gediminas Urbonas, Phd Silvia Burini, Director CSAR.


2014 CYBERFEST & CYLAND Program >

THE OTHER HOME Exhibit Press Release >


Anna Frants, CYBERFEST curator: «As a curator, I would like for the time spent at CYBERFEST, regardless of the geographic location, to become in fact — that very hour when one would immerse...» Read Full Curatorial Statement >


Marina Koldobskaya, CYBERFEST curator: «... Between poles of success there are tens of thousands square miles of bedroom communities. Something needs to be done about that.» Read Full Curatorial Statement >






Exhibition: THE OTHER HOME


Featuring: Marina Alexeeva, Lyudmila Belova, Petr Belyi,

Katya Bochavar, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, Alexander Dashevsky, Alexander Terebenin,

Marina Koldobskaya, Vladimir Kozin, Peter Lederer, Anna Frants,

Petr Shvetsov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai,

Alexey Grachev, Sergey Komarov, Leta & Vladislav Dobrovolsky

Curated by: Anna Frants and Marina Koldobskaya, CYLAND


Dates: December 12 — 15, 2014



December 12th,

6 -10 PM

Exhibition hours:

December 13th, 14th, 15th

2 — 10 PM


Venue: Kunstquartier Bethanien

Address: Mariannenplatz 2, Kreuzberg Berlin


CYBERFEST 2014 opening night on December 12 in Berlin — photos by Galya Kovalyova:



CYBERFEST 2014 opening night on December 12 in Berlin — video report:


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