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The moniker Paradigm Shift is used to describe nonconsecutive anomalies that transform the processes of intellectual thought. Such shifts fuel advancements of society. Not observable without context of history or time- these changes define ages on reflection. Artworks pushing their inherent creative medium from the present into the future were selected for this exhibition to contextualize what has been and what may be.


  1. Branching Systems explores Edward Lorenz's «butterfly effect», the concept that signaled the beginnings of modern Chaos Theory. In this interactive installation, masses of robotic leaves flutter like butterflies to transform space into a network of complex, serendipitous movement. Viewers' physical actions are catalysts that trigger a ripple across the piece's custom-made network causing faster movements and different rhythms in the artwork. The artwork tangibly re-imagines the infinitely complex process of cause and effect (or input and output) compressed into a single moment; demonstrating how small variations in the initial condition of a nonlinear dynamic system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of that system.

  2. A site specific, new media installation, Aesthetics of Decay embodies the experiences of technological failures — loss of privacy, data, anonymity and memories. Bits and pieces of personal data are lost forever when a phone, computer or hard-drive dies, breaks or malfunctions. New forms of personal losses associated with technology are an escalating problem as individuals become increasingly emotionally, mentally and physically intertwined as the data representing them in a digital society driven to constantly “upgrade” to remain connected. A candid representation of this contemporary yet historical context, Disney Nasa Borg’s interactive multimedia installation is comprised of sculpture, mapped projections and multi-channel video converging art, film, music and performance with technology.

  3. Ken Butler’s experimental “Hybrid” musical instruments explore the interaction and transformation of common and uncommon objects. The idea of bricolage — essentially using whatever is “at hand”- is at the center of his art which encompasses a wide range of practices including live music, instrument design, performance art, theater, sculpture, installation, photography, film/video, graphic design, drawing, and collage.

  4. Born in Alaska, raised in Spain, educated in New York City and currently raising a family in Connecticut — Dam's imagery combines diverse landscapes and universal patterns found everywhere in nature to connect all cultures. His site specific installation debuting at CYBERFEST is a leap into uncharted territory for the accomplished oil painter. Challenging himself, «Explosive Target» is Dam's first work to ever incorporate found objects, collage and light.

  5. Outside the new world, urban planning has built layers of streets atop each other, new over where old once was, in an accumulation of past, present and future in one place. Visualizing a selection of walks from 30 days in New York City and Berlin, Christine Gideon’s site specific installation utilizes mapped routes as a starting point to create a site specific installation of a hybrid city. The artist’s walks are the framework of this impossible topographical urban space merging New York’s grid system (coded with black tape) with Berlin’s divergent paths (using blue tape). Indirect paths, which encourage digressive walks, affect the collective consciousness of the people allowing for detours and wandering thoughts.

Visit Paradigm Shift
at The WYE (Berlin, Skalitzer Str. 86) from November 13 to 17 2013

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The WYE is an international art and technology hub spanning 2000 m2 of the historic Post building in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin. An incubator for local and international innovators, the space serves as a platform to elevate professionalism and exchange between the Art and Tech industries in Berlin. Opened in Fall of 2012, The WYE’s private studios, coworking and large event spaces have hosted cross disciplinary projects including Sound Development City, The Reader Awards, Seedcamp, Goethe Institute Mexico, Hardware Berlin, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin Film Society, Berlin Fashion Week, Retune Festival and Service Design Berlin Conference among many others redefining the culture of innovation in Berlin.

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