Sound art in Berlin


CYLAND presents



Featuring: Pete Um, Jonas Gruska, Alexandr Zaytsev, Georgy Bagdasarov,
Boris Hegenbart

Curated by: CYLAND's Sergey Komarov


Dates: December 15, 2014, 7:00 PM

Venue: PLATOON Kunsthalle
Address: Schonhauser Allee 9, Mitte Berlin



The CYBERFEST SOUND ART program comes to the German capital to unite acclaimed local cultural leaders with renowned international artists at Platoon Kunsthalle in the heart of Berlin's Mitte art district. Read the Curatorial Statement>>

Artists and included in this international exploration of sound art include:

Pete Um, master of the miniature electro-acoustic song-poem, a form he has more or less invented, displays a sardonic wit and a healthy misanthropy when crafting micro-collages of voice, instruments, samples, and electronics.

Um's highly specialized sound work misdirects the audience, infecting the crowd with an aural virus that energizes and entertains, masking the irony and complexity of the work with a cheerful smooth outer shell that makes for truly exquisite sound art.

Pete Um in the CYLAND Audio Archive:

As a sculptor, performer and sound artist, Jonas Gruska not only solders his own instruments but also writes and preforms unique soundscapes on audio software he himself designs. A graduate of the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, Gruska’s expansive knowledge of synthetic sound and unique artistic perspective lead the listener into a dense yet pleasing thicket of sound.

Born in Czechoslovakia and educated at The Institute of Sonology (Netherlands) and Music Academy (Poland), Gruska works primarily electronic sound as an artist in addition to authoring interactive poems and crafting distinct visual performances, open source computer instruments, artistic software and hardware.

Performed and exhibited his work in Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia; on festivals such as Kraak (Belgium), Audio Art (Poland), Melos-Ethos (Slovakia) or Next (Slovakia). In 2011 he started label LOM focused on East/Central European experimental art and music.

Alexander Zaitsev, cofounder of the legendary Russian music band Christmas Decorations, is an artist of enormous skill and complex craft, presenting the world premier of new work at Cyberfest 2014. Integrating popular themes and aesthetic exploration, Zaitsev’s new work offers audiences an inverted third-rate serial, a mysterious film noir of short sonic vignettes.

Georgy Bagdasarov is an experienced programmer of human souls.  During his performance, he continuously reboots the listener's consciousness through via his exquisite instrument — a dissected turntable lifting a ghost needle to load the track over and over and over.  Georgy is a pedagogue, his is the tutorial method.

Born into an Armenian family under a hail of rockets taking flight from Kazakhstan, Bagdasarov's works retains influences of structural film, family recipes, and new media. CAA#14 by George Bagdasarov

Boris Hegenbart practices imagery in his sound canvases, offering up unfinished visions to the audience who complete the score through individualized perception of the work.  For Cyberfest 2014, Hegenbart will preform live, offering local audiences the purest experience of he algorithm's instructions.

photo by © ORF_C.Nestroy

Born  in Berlin, Hegenbarthas worked composing sound installations, electroacoustic concerts soundscapes for theatrical performances and experimental radio and video art. A graduate of the Institute of Electroacoustic Music.  As an international performer Hegenbart's work has been exhibited at Transmediale, Berlin 2013; Musikprotokoll, Austria 2012;  and Musashino Art University, Tokyo 2011.

Photos by Galya Kovalyova






PLATOON Kunsthalle in Berlin is a modular architecture structure consisting of 34 standard freight containers. This 4500 m2 industrial area hosts cultural movements and community events as well as PLATOON FACTORY and PLATOON ARTIST LAB. With spaces in Berlin and Seoul, PLATOON's global network includes more than 6000 artists, creatives and thinkers that support each other. PLATOON's cultural development experience serves as a consultancy for energizing sustainable relationships between brands and creative subcultures.

PLATOON Kunsthalle

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