6th International Festival for Cybernetic Art CYBERFEST

was held in St. Petersburg, 23-28 November 2012

The catalog is available at

And the curator's text can be read HERE


1. Alexandra Dementieva (Belgium-Russia) Unbearable Lightness

2. Koen Theys (Belgium) The River

3. Leo Nunez (Argentina) Game of Life

4. Mariela Yeregui & Miguel Grassi (Argentina) Taxonomy

5. Jean-Michel Rolland (France) Blower

6. Mariateresa Sartori (Italy) Those Who Go And Those Who Stay Behind

7. Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov (Russia) 7th Floor, Walk-Up

8. Anna Frants (USA-Russia) Cloud That Smelled Blue

9. Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming (USA) Eternity

10. Natalya Lyakh (France) Untitled N 1, 2

11. Lidiya Vitkovskaya (Russia) Katarinka


1. Andrey Bartenev, Patrick K. -H., Oleg Makarov, Larisa Aleksandrova (Russia) Danish for 42

2. Roman Ermakov, Ivan Onoprienko (Russia) Hybrid Performance, produced by Katya Bochavar

3. Pink Twins (Finland) Intercontinental Catapult

4. Fernando Velazquez (Brasil) Accident

5. Alex Pleninger (Russia) Lux Oculi

6. Kurvenschreiber (Russia) 32 Is For Space

7. ::vtol:: (Russia) Mitrasonic

«Way Up», video program curated by Viktoria Ilyushkina

1. Mariateresa Sartori (Italy) Hommage To Сhopin

2. Francesca Fini (Italy) Liszt

3. Anna Jermolaewa (Austria) The Way Up

4. Tina Willgren (Sweden) Polymoid

5. Joaquin Palencia (Philippines) Bas-Bas

6. Rimas Sakalauskas (Lithuania) Synchronisation

7. Heini Aho (Finland) Black Hole

8. Pink Twins (Finland) Defenestrator

9. Hakeem b (France) Shoot the moon

10. AUJIK, Stefan Larsson (Sweden) A Forest Within A Forest

11. Loudwig van Ludens (Germany) Heil Gott

12. Anssi Kasitonni (Finland) Masa

13. Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub (Germany) Isle Of Lox, The Fruits Electric, The Face

14. TOTART, Natalia Abalakova & Anatoliy Zhigalov (Russia) Masada

«Cross-Over», special program of Brazil video art curated by Miguel Petchkovsky Morais (Brasil–Netherland)

1.Alex Villar (Brazil–USA) Breaking Into Business

2. Fernanda d'Agostino (USA) Pool

3. Fernando Velazquez (Brazil) THE MINDSCAPES SUITE  #3,#6

4. Carolina Redondo (Chile) A Drop in a  Bucket

5. Angie Bonino (Peru) Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Rachel Rosalen (Brasil) First Essay on Waiting

Sergio Ulhoa (Brasil) SKADA

8. Cesar Meneghetti (Brasil) (venice) requiem

9. Mat Rappaport (USA) Way

«Unseen Worlds», sound art curated by Sergey Komarov

1. Laurie Spiegel (USA) Unseen Worlds

2. Nick Edwards (UK) Tunnel Visions

3. Don Slepian (USA) EMRI

4. Mark Hannesson (Canada) The Safety of Blankets

5. Alex Pleninger (Russia) Vox Populi

6. (Russia) Headspace

7. top40 (Russia) top40 Compilation

8. Motor (Russia) Abstrakt Machine

9. dropouT (Russia) Cycle Of Audio Works 2009—2011

10. Hans Tammen (USA) The Choking Disklavier

11. Kurvenschreiber (Russia) 32 Is For Space

12. ::vtol:: (Russia) Heliotic

13. Paul Amlehn (New Zealand)

Educational program

1. Erandy Vergara (Canada-Mexico) Techno-poetics: Art And Technology In Latin America

2. Daniil Frants (USA) The Pink Sheep Project: Introducing 3D Virtual Worlds

3. Ellen Pearlman (USA) The New Aesthetic And The Digital Divide

4. Taras Mashtalir (USA) Sonic Sculpture And Sound Ecology

5. Nataliya Fedorova (Russia) The Status Of Generative Poetry

And “MediaLog”, an Internet conference on Media projects in the open space curated by Olga Shustrova

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